March 2017 PLCC Google Docs

Welcome to March! 

This month our classes got to explore the outdoors on snowshoe! We got to visit Kerry Wood Nature Centre and saw a lot of interesting animal tracks in the snow.  


Happy Valentines Day!

This month was lovely! Our students got to learn how to use snowshoes and some got to use a trailrider. What an adventure. This month we also got to watch Notre Dame's school production, Seussical!

Reminder: No school February 20th, February 23rd and February 24th.


Happy New Year! 

2017 is here and we are ready to see what it has to offer! We got to touch and see different animal taxidermy thanks to Tanya and Alice at Kerry Wood Nature Centre. We also got to make our very own clay animals/monsters with Dawn at Culture Services. This year is off to a great start!

Reminder: No school January 31st.


Happy Holidays! 

The Christmas season is always such a wonderful time of the year!
Our students certainly got to celebrate. We endured the Bower Mall to do some Christmas shopping, learned Christmas carols on tone chimes at Culture Services, and even got to meet Mr. Chartier and his cool mail truck that delivers Christmas letters to Santa! 

Remember we have no school from December 24- January 8! 



Happy Thanksgiving!

This month we tried new activities! Some of us tried yoga with Krystin from Breathing Room Yoga, sledge hockey (seated hockey), hula hoop dancing at Dance Magic and tone chimes with Ashley from Culture Services.

Reminder: No school on November 25.


Happy Halloween! 

This month was fun. We ventured out into the community to do spooky art projects at the Museum and Art Gallery, and some were lucky enough to have seen a beaver at Kerry Wood nature Centre!

Reminder: No school on October 10 or October 28.


Welcome back to another school year! 

 September was an awesome month to learn more about the changing seasons. 
We love to learn about plants and animals starting to get ready for Winter.

 Reminder: No school on September 5th.

Extracurricular Opportunities for Fun

 Red Deer Childrens Adapted Sports Association

Active Start begins on January 28 from 9-9:45am

Fundamentals begins on January 28 from 10-10:45am

     -Both programs run at the RDC main campus in the KS gym

Registration can be found here -…/1FAIpQLScdVpJbaoZArbnaX…/viewform…

If you are interested and would like to help our students learn how to do some baseline physical skill (run, walk, balance,kick, throw)‎ observation we would love u to take a few minutes at the end of active start or fundamentals to do one skill at a station for our team. I have a few families who have already showed some is just for learning purposes, but it might be great to see if there is improvement in 8 weeks.

If you have any questions please contact Robyn Bagley - or Brandi Heather



Physical Literacy and Community Connections (PLCC)


The Physical Literacy and Community Connections (PLCC) program utilizes different community venues in Red Deer and surrounding area to further enhance our Foundations program student's learning. The City of Red Deer is blessed with many facilities and community partners that have the ability to add significant value to the already successful learning experience of our Foundations students in the classroom. 

The focus of PLCC is put on functional programming, physical literacy, healthy life choices, literacy/numeracy and faith. PLCC gives our students of Foundations new opportunities to become more familiar and comfortable while out in various community settings. It provides our students an opportunity to experience real world situations that extend across their lifespan.

This year the PLCC program has expanded to include the Foundations programs at École Secondaire Notre Dame High School, St. Francis of Assisi Middle School, and St. Teresa of Avila School. All calendars featured on the PLCC Foundations page will have updated information for all 3 programs.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the Physical Literacy and Community Connections program contact your child's teacher or contact Randi Schmidt, Program Coordinator at